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Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory
November 7th!


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Jesse has a how on ORA, called "Off the Grid", I have not checked in on it lately. Most of the videos are shorts. Like he says "I'm off the grid". I see has been posting on Twitter a bit, but he spends 5 months a year in Mexico. I really can't fault him for that.

For me, it is too late for Jesse to run in 2016. For me "Donald Trump" is th only viable candidate to vote for. I like Carson, but he will get ripped apart by the "Kabal" or whoever is pulling the strings. Trump is the only one with the balls to call anyone out. Yes, he may be crude, but who cares! That's what this country needs is someone to crack the whip on the criminals and money changers!

I still think that the money brokers will find a way to get Jeb in for the nomination. It is disgusting how the GOP backers are trying to force Trump out. I just now saw someone on FOX News, a billionaire named Vandersloot. Hey! didn't he kill Natalie Holloway? Anyway he was saying how polls prove Americans won't back Trump. were has he been! Head stuck, firmly up ass, I guess.

Potus is destroying this country as we stand by and do nothing. True Americans should be ashamed.

Destruction of the constitution, gun control, the dissolving our military, and piss poor health care. I could go on and on.

Jesse Basics

Jesse Ventura was born "James George Janos" on July 15th 1951 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Both of his parents were World War II veterans. From 1969 to 1975 Jesse served in the Navy, where in 1970 he became part of "Navy Seal Team 1".

After the Seals

After some rough and tumble with some biker groups in the early 1970's, he went on to weight lifting and wrestling and being bodyguard for the "Rolling Stones" in the mid 1970's.

He went on the become Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the late 70's and continued his wrestling career until 1984, when health issues made him retire. He went on to do some wrestling broadcasting until 1990.

The Governor

In November 1998, running as a independent, Jesse upset the parties by winning the governors seat in Minnesota. He was well liked and served out his term in 2002 and announced he would not run for a 2nd term.

"About This Site"

Video's From "Off the Grid"

"What is Happening to This Country?"

This country and Constitution is being ripped apart. It appears to be a purposeful act. A financial collapse is coming. It is a matter of when. It is at the point that it will be impossible to go back to the way it was 50 years ago. Although there was a shady undercurrent in America at the time of WWII and before, this fast track to dismantling America started on November 22nd 1963. If you still believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, you need to stop reading now. All that are awake know who and why he was shot.

Was Pearl Harbor know in advance by Roosevelt? Was 911 done by ill trained terrorist flying a complicated aircraft? Gulf of Tonkin? Sinking of the Bismark? Almost every incident that started a major war has many questionable actions beforehand. Research it yourself.

I live in Texas, and one of the favorite things here is Blue Bell ice cream. All of the sudden one of the oldest, family based, Christian companies gets lysteria? Out of all the ice cream companies out there? There is no indication that they will be back in business soon. Then today I find out that 12 Blue Bell refrigerated trucks were filmed in a military convoy in Colorado. No doubt part of "Jade Helm". WTF! Why on earth is BB trucks in the middle of a military convoy!! Wake up folks. Be ready for what's to come. To quote John B. Wells.

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It is a crying shame the way the government treats out heroes in the military. Please show them your support by donating to The Intrepid Foundation or Wounded Warriors. They deserve better.

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