Someone made a post the Blog to the effect that Jesse bribed officials to win the governorship of Minnesota and was not a Navy Seal. They were from Minnesota and were really nasty about it. I did not approve the post because it included a promo for a book. Although they offered a free book if I wanted one, I will not approve post that have products attached to it.

I have not had the time or resources to fully vet Jesse. I am doing my best to research all claims good and bad. I will not post information that I am not sure are true or not true. I just know I have seen countless interviews with Jesse and none of the interviewers brought up any of these issues. It would seem that would be some of the main questions if these things are true.

Regarding the Navy Seals, this was taken from "Jesse Ventura enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was accepted into the elite Navy SEALs program. In 1970, Jesse completed the SEALs training program and was sent to Vietnam. During his service in Vietnam, he made over 100 parachute jumps as well as many deep-sea dives. He was honorably discharged in 1973.

the person that posted on the Blog said the reason Jesse did not run for a 2nd term was because of the release of thier book in 2002. I find that doubtful. Here is what was written in 2002 Seattle Times. "Ventura said that his heart was no longer in the job, and that he had come to his decision a few weeks ago before leaving on a trade mission to China. But he also said he was tired of attacks on his family, and his announcement came amid reports that his 22-year-old son, Tyrel, used the governor's mansion for weekend parties".

Every person has to research and decide for themselves. Everyone knows that people in the public eye are going to have things made up and spewed out about them. If there are truths out there that need to be known, they will come to light.

All I know is our government is corrupt. Our money system is corrupt. Our whole nation is becoming a no nation. I would rather have some one in office that will challenge the status quo and shake things up or we are a doomed country!

"About This Site"

I am over 50 and was born and raised in Texas. I grew up in a family of conservatives. Most of my adult life, I have voted for republicans, with the exception of Ross Perot in 1992. I always picked who I thought was the best candidate, which in my opinion was the one with the conservative view.

I have held on to those views for fifty years. It is not me or the American people that have changed their views. It is the politicians, the government, the mass media and the financial institutions that have changed. It may not be so mush that they have changed as much as it is that the mask is coming off. The true colors are bleeding through this over weight, bloated, over extended machine that turns the wheels of the United States.

I keep waiting for a person with real character and backbone to get nominated for President. Someone that will actually do something about this Titanic of a country heading straight for the iceberg. Real change? Obama? Seriously? What a joke that is! So I could do what I have always done and support and vote for the Republican nominee, but I am not doing it anymore. The free rides need to come to an end. We need someone that when you first hear the name, you will say, "are you kidding?"

After to finding alternative news sources and reading a lot of authors that write on financials, politics and real truths, I have come to the conclusion that the mass media is nothing but a puppet to the money kings. These people don't report anymore! Fox News was my last mass media conduit for the last 10 years and I have all but quit watching them. I try to find people that have the least amount to gain by reporting what they do and in some cases they are putting their lives in danger. We are pounded day after day with the same crap the mass media has been spewing for decades. With the advent of social media, we may just have a chance to get the truth out there. If we fail, this country will go down to rest beside the Titanic for evermore.

You have to be vigilant and careful though. There are some people out there that take some of theses things to the extreme. Some are down right fiction. The mass media has painted Jesse Ventura in this light due to his conspiracy theories. I will be the first to say that I disagree with him on several of these issues. This does not in anyway change the fact that he served his country bravely. He served the state of Minnesota well for one term and is only concern is what is good for the American people regardless of the cost to him or anyone with power or money. this is why he is painted in a bad light and why Fox News and MSNBC has banned him from appearing on any of their prime shows.

If you were hearing what I am hearing, you would know that the government is too far in debt to dig their way out. The big five banks are insolvent. If you have a savings or checking account with at least $50,000 in it, go down to your local branch and tell them you will be by in five days and you want to close out your accounts and you want it in cash. They won't give it to you. They will say it is a matter of security or something to that effect. They will transfer it to another financial institution or a broker, but they will not let it leave the electronic system. They need it. This whole country is being propped up with fake money and lies. It is like a big balloon being filled over capacity. they keep pumping the pump more and more and it has to pop. It is just a matter of when.

No, I don't have food stock piled in my attic. Tanks of water in the backyard. Ten thousand rounds of ammo in my closet. They way things are going, I probably should, but I have faith that we can elect someone like Jesse Ventura to go up to Washington and rip all these idiot a new on! He has to! Someone has to! Let's wake up folks. If you have kids and grand kids, you need to start thinking about what a future of drudgery will be like for them if this ship keeps sailing towards the iceberg.

If I had to pick a time in my life where things were calm, confident, peace full and truly a happy time, it would be between 1980 and 1988.

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This site is not in any way endorsed, approved, authorized or sponsored by Jesse Ventura.

We are simply exercising our right to find a candidate with honesty worthy of holding the office of The President of the United States.

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