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Is anyone doing anything in their state to promote getting Jesse on the ballot? You can use the ballot access forums to contact other members in your state and start networking together. Another year and it will be time to put things into high gear to get ready for 2016.

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  1. Yes i believe it is time for us to do something drastic to at least giving our country a chance to be a country of its own. I want to help out i really do but honestly i do not know where to start i can try and locate the electoral college and get his name on the ballet in Oklahoma and Texas. Me after three deployments (two of them in the Gulf) i am honestly tired of this war there is no real reason why we are over there other than lithium and oil. And i am just so tired of all of our rights and liberties taken away or threatening to be taken away. once they outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants i knew the government was becoming too big and too powerful if i can have someone tell me what i need to do i will go to the end of the world to get our freedoms back that’s why i joined the military because i honestly believed that… at the time now i know I’m not part of the solution so i am just wrapping up my time and getting out as soon as my contract is up and doing something that is important. i am also networking and getting other people from a bunch of different states on board i honestly believe we can do this but i can’t do it alone and may need some guidance.

    • I’m in FL and myself and several friends are working on this.
      It appears that we need 112,174 signatures. We can do this!!!

      It shouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure is Howard Stern requested his FL listeners to sign, they would.

      The form is on this web page.
      Any one who signs needs to be a registered voter.

      Also, question, the FL petetion asks for a president name and a vice president name. Who should we put as Vice??? Howard Stern???



  2. I wish I had some easy and helpful solutions. I know that Jesse 2016 sounds like a fantastic idea! This guy makes me want to get involved. He is the most informed and genuine person I’ve seen in quite a long time and he would make a fantastic President!

  3. I have just found this site, I am very concerned about the future of our country as I am so happy others are as well. I think what we need to do is organize individuals or have an individual representative in each state to initiate getting Jesse Ventura on the ballots of all states. I have found several sites with on line petitions for this purpose, but after looking into the validity of online petitions, and I have just begun to gather info re this matter, there seem to be a number of states that don’t allow e-signatures for petition for an independent candidate. California for example is one as well as New York state. The Utah Supreme Court on the other hand has now made e-signatures valid for candidate petition in the state of Utah. I am willing to help anybody with finding information re ballot approval paperwork and stipulations regarding these matters. We need to get an organized base in each state to push this forward. I am willing to do whatever I can and use 100% of my time to do this. Pleas feel free to contact me or reply wherever you are in the country and get this thing going.

  4. I had commented last week, that I do not even remember ever hearing that a independent candidate had to get a petition to run from President. I am not sure when this became the rule or always was. I wish I had the time to investigate all this, but just maintaining the site takes a lot of time. Thanks everybody.

  5. Hey Everyone, I am desperately working in Indiana to get Govenor Ventura on the ballot. I was told by the Chairman of the Repulican Party that 25,000 signatures are required here. I’m still investigating this statement but am confident I can get those.
    We must stay in contact with each other to maintain direct communication if we are to pull this off and renew our fundamental liberties. Please email me:

  6. There is only a 1.000 dollar fee to get on the presidential New Hampshire Ballot, I will look in to it further to see if any signature’s are needed. It is time for a real leader to take the hold and guide us all to were we want to be. I stand with Mr. Ventura, I say to all keep pressing and don’t give up be apart of change if you want it bad enough you will have it.

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