Rocky Road For The Obama Administration

Well, the real picture of Obama is finally coming out to all his supporters. Things that we have known all along. The Benghazi debacle and now the IRS illegal operations disgrace. We will see how far to the top it goes, but I am sure the buck stops a lot further up than a top official at the IRS. There will be someone to take the hit, so the administration does not take it, and we will soon see who that it is. The question is, will that one one or those implicated, implicate the top of the chain. Should be interesting to say the least. Either way, it is a boon for the 2014 mid term conservative party elections.

One thought on “Rocky Road For The Obama Administration

  1. I am totally supporting Jessie Ventura in 2016. I am sick of the way Obama and the actions of Congress are running this country into the ground. Govt has to be reduced along with the senseless spending. We need to get the family values back in line and
    the voting process needs to be investigatedfor numerous frauds in the past elections.
    Let’s hold all who are not performing their job accountable. Time for a Big Change!

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