Anyone Finding Work Out There?

I  have to say, to have 20 years experience in about the hottest job market there is and not have anyone hire you, is somewhat baffling. At this point I am attributing it to the age thing. After all the interviews I have been on and made it to the final cuts, not to be selected is very disappointing. I have been running my own computer repair business in the mean time, and I have to say that I have ran into so many customers that took there problems to other repair people or some of the big guys and I seem to run rings around those guys. That is because I have done it for so long and I love it.

So I am just wondering if anyone out there is having the same type of issue of age or whatever it is in seeking employment. Also I live in about the hottest economic area in the U.S. Should be a cake!!!

2 thoughts on “Anyone Finding Work Out There?

  1. Ageism is strong in the US. By 50, you have little value. There are a number of reasons to this. Age discrimination laws are unenforceable. Talent, skills and achievement mean very little in the US today.

  2. Yep. I do have a full time job but have been looking for better pay and more stability. I am over 50 as well and have 30+ years experience in many diverse areas however, I do not have a college degree. That seems to be my biggest stumbling block, or so I am told in my rejection letters. I have plenty of college under my belt – no degree. I was a single mother on welfare and food stamps, made my way out of that as soon as possible, bought a house and paid it off in full. I have 20 good working years left but no degree. Also, if the people who interview you don’t get a good first impression – regardless of your skill level – you will not get the job.

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