Whistle Blowers-Friend or Enemy

Edward Snowden┬áis the latest of a long line of whistle blowers or some might say traitor. I would have fear of the government too if I were him, considering what has happened to airline pilot Phillip Marshall and fearless journalist Michael Hasting who’s car blew up and ran into a tree at 4am one morning for no obvious reason several weeks ago. Funny that they both appeared on Coast 2 Coast in the last year.


Is this all just coincidence? I think not. There are power players and power moves being made. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Whistle Blowers-Friend or Enemy

  1. We need a Whistle Blower Party and Jesse could take it all the way to the White House. He himself is a Whistle Blower and would tempt others to come out against the corruption. Jesse is probably the only person who could bring together whistle blowers from Govt and Hollywood. Imagine press conferences with defectors lined up behind Jesse ready to step up and answer questions of their expertise. A panel of whistle blowers I guess. Every time the media attacked someone in the WBP to discredit them it would bring attention and apathy to the Whistle Blower Party.

  2. I agree, Jesse seems to be a voice of reason and common sense. We should feel fortunate anyone would want to attempt to be president after most others have given that position a bad name. Right now I feel we have no president I will not yield to Obama or his administration. neither will thousands of Americans. But I do believe I could respect Jesse. I am The Voice of Reason!

    • I have a few issues with Jesse, but I do with everyone. He speaks the truth in what he believes and I admire him for that. He knows what is going on with the big banks and the government. This is why he gets slammed by the mainstream media slanderers. Right now there is a good case to made that We “The People” do not elect the president. Especially now with all the electronic voting. It is going to be almost an impossibility for him to win. It may come down to the People rising up and saying we have had enough of the system as is and it is time for a new one. I wish I could believe that we could elect who we need elected, but until the sleep walkers wake up from their 1980′s dream, we will continue down the road to self inhalation.

  3. He in my eyes as long as the only things he is leaking our those things to “The People” that we need to know about our Treasonous government and what they are doing to us and not secrets ageist the people.
    Even agents have a oath of office a duty to the people to defend and protect our Constitution and our human rights.

  4. Yes! Without whistle blowers we have no checks and balances, just a bunch of so-called “leaders” run amok. Real leaders don’t protect and hide murderers dressed in military garb playing boyish video games with real human lives. It’s completely disgusting and immoral and makes me ashamed to be from America. These are sociopaths that will come back to haunt us when they return home. When their “duty” (oh please!) is over.

  5. Lisa, I agree that we need checks and balances. And while I agree that sometimes I feel ashamed to be from the US, I don’t completely blame our military personnel because they are doing what they have been told is right and that they’re “protecting our freedom and safety”. I am not a fan of war or violence in any way, shape, or form. But I think it is safe to say that we have all been brainwashed, including most of our military, into thinking the US foreign policy is always right when more often than not, it’s completely wrong.

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