Tough Questions That Need to Be Answered

Sometimes I am puzzled by a few things that Jesse does. One is this thing I heard this week about him filing a lawsuit against the deceased sniper “Chris Kyle’s” wife. Kyle wrote a book and in it, stated that he got in a bar fight in 2006 and punched someone who he later identified as Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura denies it was him am has filed suit. Jesse contends that Kyle made that up to help sell books. Although I do not know all the details, I say if you want to garner public support, drop it! Let it Go! So what, the guy is dead and like Jesse a veteran and probably a decorated hero. Enough! You have to be the bigger person. Don’t go out and sue a widow for Christ sake! Not goo pr.

The next thing is on one of the newer video’s I posted on the main site, there is a picture of Che Guevara on the desk behind Jesse. A Marxist rebel that assisted Castro at the Bay of Pigs. Obama got slammed for having this picture in one of his campaign offices in the first election. What is it with this Che Guevara? Why do our most visible citizens running for our highest office have this guys picture around them. Someone please explain. Is it just because he fought big capitalism? Not sure I like that. Anyway, that is the latest form this Admin.

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  1. Thank you Jesse Ventura for throwing down and challenging little people to overcome their apathy and laziness and put up or shut up. As for Kyle’s allegations let’s start here…”…..Kyle wrote a book and in it, stated that he got in a bar fight in 2006 and punched someone who he later identified as Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura denies it was him am has filed suit.” Not sure if you are really interested in the truth behind the Kyle allegation, but I am. So, please Jesse Ventura, carry on your litigation and try to find out who was really behind these claims. I for one am seriously interested in having Mr. Ventura clear his name and reputation and if it takes a lawsuit, so be it. If memory serves me correct at one point two witnesses “close” to Mr. Kyle were quoted anonymously by the FAUX (sic) news agency as confirming Kyle’s claim. I find it very disturbing that Mr. Kyle, U.S. Navy SEAL), then tried to dodge by claiming free speech protection when Ventura (U.S. Navy UDTs veteran) brought suit claiming libel. This is extremely troubling to me as Ventura was at the time being mentioned by average folks as someone who should run for President as an indepedent and it “destroyed” Ventura in my ears. If Ventura remains silent over this issue it is interpreted right or wrong as a tacit admittance of “guilt” and that is very dangerous as Kyle’s attributed quotes to Ventura bordered on treason. I find it hard to believe that Ventura would ever say such things especially in the middle of bar known to be a hangout of veteran UDTs/SEALS. Swift Boating has happened before. Nixon’s dirty tricks brigade were also very effective. If historical accounts are true Jack Kennedy owed a descendant of the Roosevelt family big time for spreading the slanderous rumor in the run up to the 1960 Democrat convention that Hubert Humphrey attempted dodging the draft in WW2. If someone slimed Ventura to destroy his popularity with independents (e.g. Tea Party types) I want to know.

  2. I have found that little squabbles with no absolute evidence should not be cause for judgment of ones character. I watch Jesse on the shows, in the clips, and I have found his integrity is unmatched. In my few years of life at the age of 35, have run into few people that have the guts to speak their mind. Jesse does so with out fear of reprisal. He is not worried about what the right or left think, he don’t care about the mindless sheep like democrats or republicans. What you see is what you get. As far as I see he has earned every thing he has. Not handed to him like for Obama. with Jesse respect is earned not given. I run Regain America, inc. THE VOICE OF REASON!

    • This site is designed to bring people together in the respective states. I would do a search for you state and presidential ballot petitions. Honestly I don’t think Americans have woken up yet enough to effect change. We still have two years to wake them up.

  3. The book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins will help you to understand how the US has demonized South American leaders in an effort to gain a foothold in those countries. The book is an easy read, but there are other more detailed books that follow if you are detail-oriented. The basic premise is the US sends in “EHM” or economic hit men to persuade leaders to sign on to huge financial loans (that can never be repaid) for major infrastructure improvements to their countries with all work performed by US private contractors. If the leaders don’t comply, then “jackals” are sent in to try to stage a military coup and put a US-friendly leader in place. The book is a real eye opener. Gov. Ventura is wise to these tactics. However, the corporations and private contractors with all the $$$ will put up an awful lot of cash to be sure the US does not have a president that is aware of their games.

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