Well it seems the Jesse has his mind made up that if Howard Stern does not run with him, he is out. I personally have no issue with it. Back in the 1980′s I detested Howard and the stuff he was doing on the radio.  But after seeing him over the years and watching him on “America’s Got Talent”, I have come to like his honesty and blunt way of addressing the issue. Let’s face it, these bafoon’s in Washington have no clue what they are doing, and if they do, they are criminals. This country was setup to be run by honest everyday Americans that are in touch with the masses. Jesse and Howard have this. They also are truth seekers. I think it is a great match. If anyone out there can say that the people we have been electing have not tore down this country, they are living in a  bubble. It is time we take a chance on some real people to run a real government. The status quo will spell the end of American within the next 20 years.

Tough Questions That Need to Be Answered

Sometimes I am puzzled by a few things that Jesse does. One is this thing I heard this week about him filing a lawsuit against the deceased sniper “Chris Kyle’s” wife. Kyle wrote a book and in it, stated that he got in a bar fight in 2006 and punched someone who he later identified as Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura denies it was him am has filed suit. Jesse contends that Kyle made that up to help sell books. Although I do not know all the details, I say if you want to garner public support, drop it! Let it Go! So what, the guy is dead and like Jesse a veteran and probably a decorated hero. Enough! You have to be the bigger person. Don’t go out and sue a widow for Christ sake! Not goo pr.

The next thing is on one of the newer video’s I posted on the main site, there is a picture of Che Guevara on the desk behind Jesse. A Marxist rebel that assisted Castro at the Bay of Pigs. Obama got slammed for having this picture in one of his campaign offices in the first election. What is it with this Che Guevara? Why do our most visible citizens running for our highest office have this guys picture around them. Someone please explain. Is it just because he fought big capitalism? Not sure I like that. Anyway, that is the latest form this Admin.

Whistle Blowers-Friend or Enemy

Edward Snowden is the latest of a long line of whistle blowers or some might say traitor. I would have fear of the government too if I were him, considering what has happened to airline pilot Phillip Marshall and fearless journalist Michael Hasting who’s car blew up and ran into a tree at 4am one morning for no obvious reason several weeks ago. Funny that they both appeared on Coast 2 Coast in the last year.


Is this all just coincidence? I think not. There are power players and power moves being made. What do you think?

Anyone Finding Work Out There?

I  have to say, to have 20 years experience in about the hottest job market there is and not have anyone hire you, is somewhat baffling. At this point I am attributing it to the age thing. After all the interviews I have been on and made it to the final cuts, not to be selected is very disappointing. I have been running my own computer repair business in the mean time, and I have to say that I have ran into so many customers that took there problems to other repair people or some of the big guys and I seem to run rings around those guys. That is because I have done it for so long and I love it.

So I am just wondering if anyone out there is having the same type of issue of age or whatever it is in seeking employment. Also I live in about the hottest economic area in the U.S. Should be a cake!!!

Rocky Road For The Obama Administration

Well, the real picture of Obama is finally coming out to all his supporters. Things that we have known all along. The Benghazi debacle and now the IRS illegal operations disgrace. We will see how far to the top it goes, but I am sure the buck stops a lot further up than a top official at the IRS. There will be someone to take the hit, so the administration does not take it, and we will soon see who that it is. The question is, will that one one or those implicated, implicate the top of the chain. Should be interesting to say the least. Either way, it is a boon for the 2014 mid term conservative party elections.

Use the Ballot Forums

Is anyone doing anything in their state to promote getting Jesse on the ballot? You can use the ballot access forums to contact other members in your state and start networking together. Another year and it will be time to put things into high gear to get ready for 2016.

Money Being Siphoned Off wall Street

I recently heard a gentleman on the radio discussing how there are traders on wall street that are hooked so tight into the market, that they can make a see trades several second before the average Joe sees the prices. This allows them to make quick trades before others, making a few cents per trade. They can execute hundreds of trades per minute. So after a thousands or so trades a day,at a few cents each, it is like taking candy from a baby. He stated that one trader was making as much in on day as the average American makes in 47 years. One trader told him, the longest he ever holds a stock is 2 seconds. In essence  siphoning money right out of the market. I no nothing about the stock market, so I was just wondering if this was possible.

Check Out General Discussion Forum

Check out the general discussion forum on the menu above. The one thing I don’t like about a blog is that members can only respond to a post by the blog administrator. That is why I created forums, so you can create your own topic and discuss it with other members. Also you can do the same with the States Discussion Forums. There is one for each state. This way you can network with fellow supporters about ballot access. Enjoy!

Is Social Media the Answer!

As the government uses the social media such as Facebook, Google and smartphones to gather information on American citizens and use it to manipulate us, so should we do the same. This may be the one weapon that we have at our disposal that we could win this battle with.

The key point here is to not let anyone restrict or control the internet or we are doomed. I am not sure how many Americans do not realize the power we have through this medium. We must be steadfast and resolved to keep it free and uncensored.