Where is my refund?

I have to tell you. This is truly frustrating. To submit a tax return a month ago and the IRS has not even accepted or denied it yet! This has never happened to me before. They say that due to a more complex software, returns with a lot of forms will not be processed until early March. That is all the government needs, is something more complex! They sure are right there every week when your paycheck is being handed out taking their cut! How ironic that normally I am never in need of my refund right away. This year I am in desperate need of it and I can’t get it.

Just another shinning example of our government stone walling or not being able to measure up. If you had had this experience this year yourself, please post something.

“Economy Better??

According to the talking heads, the economy is much better. For who? The crooks and thieves in the financial markets and the government? I guess so, because I don’t see it. I am a middle class American and if anyone should be able to see it, it would be me.

First indicator is the price of gas. In Texas $3.80 a gallon is way up there. This effects every thing I buy, from groceries, to clothes to any household items. The second thing is my profession is the most highly sought after in the American for employers. That would be a Information Technology Professional. I have almost 20 years of experience and have been actively seeking employment for the last 6 months very ambitiously. I have had many good interviews and still, no job.

Since I was aware enough to purchase investment Real Estate when I was making good money, I always get a nice size tax refund due to property expenses and depreciation. I normally file my taxes on February 1st and 10 days later, I have my refund. Well I submitted my return 4 weeks ago and the fed has not even looked at it. Normal acceptance time is 24-48 hours. This is just insane! I need the money due to me to carry on! They blame it on new software, but I say THEY are full of shit!

That brings me to the next subject. The entitlement mentality. Due to the government taxing  the crap out of every one and giving it to a bunch of lazy losers, is just not going to cut it. For people in real need, that is fine. I am so sick of this generation being raised with the entitlement mentality! This is effecting my rental property. These people think they are doing you a big favor when they pay the rent and when you press them for it, they get all bent out of shape. Well now I am the one bent out of shape. DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!



The Killing of America

The United States as we knew it is slowly being killed off. The speed in which it is happening is accelerating. The middle class is going broke, the billionaires are getting richer and the lower class pay no share of the burden. If things continue all middle class citizens will be in the bottom class and there will be no middle class.

Why doesn’t the media focus on the financial institutions laundering drug money and  the NDAA taking away our privacy. Instead they want to talk about law abiding citizens owning guns. We need to all pull together and put a stop to this outrageous behavior by our government and power brokers.

It blows my mind that the American people are so ignorant in electing officials to run this country. I pray that they all may have an awakening and see the light.

Jesse Ventura for President 2016

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I am the creator of JesseVentura2016.com. I am in no way affiliated or have spoken with Jesse. I am just a concerned citizen that is very worried about which direction this country is heading. I think it would great if Jesse could get on all 50 ballots in 2016. I feel he is someone the American people can trust.


I am just one person and I am limited in what I can do. I have had a great response to the web site I put online several months ago. People are offering help, ideas and support. If you can help or have any ideas, post them here or email me at dwd@jesseventura2016.com.