How To Hunt Elk

I’ve listened to rifle hunters from throughout the country say over and again that when rifle season comes they can’t appear to find any kind of bull elk. When they can’t locate the bulls throughout the period’s opener, they wait on the bulls to come to them after late-season snows push the herds right into the reduced country. However waiting is high-risk due to the fact that if the snows do not come, the limited time left in the season is lost.

At the threat of bucking conventional wisdom, I will say that it is an error to wait up until the late period for the bulls to find down. And also to make certain I dig an opening that is difficult to leave, I’ll likewise state that any type of hunter that cannot locate elk in the early rifle period is doing something wrong. In order to find bulls, you need to go where the bulls are. If that appears overly streamlined, it is. But it’s real.

So with rifle period quickly approaching, I’ve put together the leading 6 forgot rifle elk hunting techniques that will aid you to place elk meat in your fridge freezer.

1. Glass in thick cover
Glassing for elk on open hillsides typically results in elk discoveries, especially cows as well as young bulls. However, a few of the best discoveries can be performed in thick cover. Slipping silently through thick timber and also glassing also in the thickest fir re-growth locations can disclose large bulls similar to this one.

2. Locate flat areas amidst high inclines
You must buy topographic maps of where your hunting as well as seek the flat spots at the head of drainages. It’s easy to obtain bewildered when hunting elk in a large nation like Montana. Hiking 15 miles in a single day with no genuine strategy is about as efficient as remaining in camp throughout the day. Find locations that are most likely to hold bulls. Thick level areas where the water begins streaming on top of a creek water drainage is as good a starting factor as you can obtain. This solitary idea might be the most effective convenience you’ll ever before discover when hunting elk.

3. Take note of the wind
Many hunters appear to neglect the wind. If you need to hike an added mile to approach an area from downwind, it will certainly be time well spent. After hiking 3 or 4 miles over rough terrain, now is not the moment to stay clear of a little a lot more physical exertion.

4. Remain in shape
Elk hunting injures when you’re not in shape! Hiking 5 miles to where the elk are called for motivation, lugging 70 pounds of meat five miles takes stamina. Being in form for elk hunting isn’t the same as being in shape for deer hunting or even in shape for a marathon. It’s various. Be ready to raise, down, over blowdowns, bring a hefty pack and also be able to run when you require to. Be in shape before you get to the mountain.

5. Reduce
I have a buddy who is in excellent shape but he treks ten miles in a solitary day as well as commonly whines regarding not seeing elk. It is better to spend a little bit even more time creeping via a prime location than to put on miles looking for an elk.

6. Hunt in the afternoon as well as be where the elk are until dark
Numerous times I see seekers heading into the timbers early who leave at midday. Five of my last 6 elk were shot several miles from my vehicle in between 2 pm and 4 pm. Hunt till dark and be prepared to trek out with a headlamp. Remaining in the timbers back where the elk are will pay big rewards.

Early rifle period elk don’t simply vanish after the rut more than. Recognizing the locations where to find elk and hunting in those areas throughout the day will consistently put you in spewing distance of bulls. Decreasing, and also glassing will certainly place them in your crosshairs.