Dumbing Down
of America

You know I never would have believed it a few years ago, but after listening to several leading psychologist in the last 6 months, they make a very strong case of the dumbing down and pacifying of America in the last 60 years.

The mainstream media is a huge part of this process. They can do it, because they are in your face 24/7 with information that is tailored by the government and corporations to get Americans to act, buy and do what they want them to do. This way they can always claim deniability of any of these accusations. Let's face it. It is hard to prove something like this.

But this for me explains why real Americans that used to have great morals, values and common sense would elect such a abomination to the white house. Don't get me wrong. I personally have no reason to dislike Obama on a personal level. I do not know him and he seems nice enough most the time. But his policies cut right down into the core of my soul.

This Sums It Up

I heard this on Coast to Coast one night and the next day, someone sent me an email with it. I think it is right on!

INEPTOCRACY="A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers."

"Alternative News Sources"

I am scouring the internet and talk radio looking for and investigating alternative news sources. Let's face it. Main stream media is a joke. There is only about 50 percent in truth in what they report. it is not to say that they are doing it intentionally. Not all of them are. It is just what they are hand fed. It is all a bunch of propaganda. Even my last hold out, "Fox News" I have been staying away from..

"Caravan to Midnight"

John B. Wells was the weekend host on Coast to Coast in 2013. The media company for Coast did not like what he was saying. In my opinion, this is the best place anywhere to get information that is uncensored and you will never hear in mainstream media. I am curious as to how long he will be able to keep his show going. They have already tried to interfere with his data streams and hardware. Keep it up John, so we can "Be Ready for Things to Come". Be seeing you!

The Drudge Report  The Drudge Report - I like the Drudge Report because there a lot of stories right there on the front page. They all are current and most of the stories you just don't see on the major news sources. Drudge is know for making important stories that are not reported go viral. Way to go Matt!

Coast To Coast   Coast to Coast over the last 9 months is where I get a lot of the information that has changed my views on politics, financial matters and spiritual issues. Coast was started about 1984, becoming popular with Art Bell in the 1990's. I listened to some then, but did not really get all the UFO and paranormal stuff. I usually skip over that stuff. Broadcast is midnight to 4am central time. You can download the shows the next day on to your smart phone and listen to them when you want.

The financial and political information on Coast is unparalleled. John B. Well on Saturday night usually has the best of these two categories.

Infowars with Alex Jones  Infowars with Alex Jones - I am fairly new to Infowars. I will give Alex Jones one thing. He is tenacious and animated. Someone that dedicated and passionate about what he does, it is hard not to take what he says seriously. I don't see any of the reporters on the big networks that are that committed to reporting the truth.

Times 247  Times 24/7 is something I just recently came across. At this time I do not know the accuracy of their print and I am assuming it is part of the Washington Times. They have a lot of great headlines that you don't see in mass media. I cannot says if they are slanted to the right, but they are definitely not a fan of the current administration. I will look at this site more closely and test the accuracy of the stories.

Disclaimer :

This site is not in any way endorsed, approved, authorized or sponsored by Jesse Ventura.

We are simply exercising our right to find a candidate with honesty worthy of holding the office of The President of the United States.

About These Sources

What I am trying to accomplish is to provide alternative news sources. I have not vetted all of these sources. I frequent these sources often. I have not done verifications on a lot of reports. I am just being honest in saying that these are different from the main stream media and offers a different perspective than the paid off mass media.

I am posting this because I heard a reputable gentleman on Coast to Coast one night, saying that one of these sources had been fabricating stories and he could prove it. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. The point is, that if you find a story that peaks your interest, always double check and find out the validity of the story. That is what is wrong with the media today. They are not held accountable for what they print and people do not check their accuracy.

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